We have all the answer to your questions.

Why us?

We provide resources from education to implementation and foster mutually beneficial relationships to grow your bottom line.

What sets our Academy up apart?

1. Affordable tuition
2. Live classes taught by licensed instructors
3. Convenient class times
4. Income earning opportunities
5. Continuing Education, Support Programs and Events

Is there a payment plan?

We offer two payment options for our new enrollees. A one time payment of $599 or two payments of $299.50. The first payment is due at time of enrollment and the final payment is due on the 3rd week of the program. During the 3rd week of the program you will receive a payment request. If payment is not received by the scheduled time, Student will not have access to week’s 4 class?

How do I access class?

Class access will be sent via email 24-48 hours prior to class time.

Is our program Accredited?

Yes, We are an Accredited Coaching Certification Program. We are accredited through the International Coaching Federation.

What times are classes held?

Classes are live and taught by Certified Instructors on Tuesday at 9PM EST.

What happens if I miss a class?

If a Student misses a class, a retake will be offered the following month. Student will receive an email correspondence containing class access.

Does the Academy offer any continuing education courses or post course completion support?

We host 90 day Plug In Sessions. That’s when we host live in person events to teach, empower, motivate, and support our graduates. We also offer a Get Coached Up Society Membership at an affordable rate. This membership includes monthly webinars, marketing support, coaching tips, and much more.